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Buenos Aires is a very European city and most sights are not far from one another.

Back in the old days Argentina was considered the breadbasket of the world exporting beef and wheat to Europe however, not everyone benefited from its vast natural resources which resulted in the creation of an ever growing number of poor working class migrants coming to Buenos Aires in search of a better way of life.

Suggested Buenos Aires past to present historical tour (7-8 hours):

  • Recoleta and the cemetery.
  • Plaza San Martin-stately mansions overlooking a French style park.
  • San Telmo Sunday flea market-cobbled streets and street market.
  • The Obelisk and Puerto Madero -- old docks turned into hotel and restaurants.
  • The pink palace or government building and Pope Francis church.
  • Touristy but colorful La Boca --birth place of tango

Tours are a mix of walking and driving. We will have plenty of time to enjoy my native city visiting its most significant highlights and discussing about the culture,history and politics of the porteños -the port people-

Pick up and drop off from Port/Hotel to International EZE or domestic AEP also available.

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Suggested Tours & Excursions

Recoleta and the cemetery
Recoleta and the cemetery

Boasting museums, cultural centers and historical landmarks, the beauty of Recoleta is that as a tourist you can find something of interest on any given day of the week. The standout highlight is the Recoleta Cemetery. Covering just under 55,000sqm, the cemetery is a mini-village of tombs, some lavish and others crumbling, which serve as the resting places of Argentina's most important families, namely Eva Peron. Luis Angel Firpo nicknamed the Bull of the Pampas has a life size statue at his cryp. Firpo fought a memorable fight against Jack Dempsey back in 1923.

La Boca
La Boca

This proximity to the river is in fact the reason for La Boca's existence: the barrio used to consist solely of shipyards and of the houses of people who worked in them. The houses were built with cast-off ship building materials, meaning that they were largely constructed of materials such as planks, sheet metal and corrugated iron. It is a tourist trap sort of local Bourbon Street where you can see some interesting street tango dancers. A few blocks away is Boca Juniors soccer stadium.

San Telmo
San Telmo

Oldest part of town cobblestoned streets, a crumbling, faded grandeur, an amazing weekly street market and many good places to eat and drink, San Telmo is a Buenos Aires barrio that simply cannot be missed.
There are food vendors and local restaurants. If you get hungry, wait until you are several blocks down (away from Plaza de Mayo) before grabbing a bite to eat... the first restaurants get packed and can be ridiculously busy. If you like empanadas, there are a few locally owned shops that make great ones along the way. I started around 10am and was out around 2pm.