Hello Pedro,

Just want to let you know that we have been home since 12/22. We had a good time in Buenos Aires, and want to thank you for your guide on the 19th.

While on the ship, we had a bottle of champagne given to us by the cruise company (Oceania cruiseline). Since we do not drink wine, we did not open it, and did not take it with us when disembark. Now, Vincent has been lamenting to me several times by now that we should have taken that bottle of champagne and gave to you. Oh well, always something to learn for the next time. 😊

Mei-Ching Tzeng

28 December 2016


Buenos Aires – Day Three

So it was a rainy day in Buenos Aires. Good time to visit a cemetery, right?

Our intrepid guide, Pedro picked us up at the appointed hour for a stroll towards the Recoleta area, a mostly residential neighborhood but noted mostly for the famous Recoleta Cemetery.


Hi Pedro,

Would like to book you for the tour you suggested on Tuesday, Feb 21,2016. We are two couples, arriving Feb 20. We board our ship on the 21st and the ship departs the evening of the 23rd. Let me know if u have any ideas for us on the 23rd.

Please confirm the date works and let me know how to reserve. Many thanks and looking forward to it.

Steve Schwartz

October 2016

I am writing to endorse Pedro Werberg, a highly intelligent and sophisticated language instructor, who has an exceptional knowledge of world affairs, history, and culture.

I first met Mr. Werberg in 1994 when I arrived in Buenos Aires to begin my assignment as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. My Spanish was very limited at that time, but after studying with Mr. Werberg, whose teaching methods are as disciplined as they are fun, I quickly gained fluency.

Mr. Werberg was also a great help to me in understanding Argentina, its unique heritage, politics, and mindset. He has a voracious appetite for scholarship and is a clear, concise thinker, adept at expressing and defending his views. He is also extremely pleasant, gregarious, and entertaining, always projecting a positive mental outlook.

I am confident that Mr. Werberg will make the most of any opportunity afforded him and that he will succeed. He always adhered to the highest personal and professional standards. I ask that you give him the highest consideration for he is most worthy.


Calvin Sims
Director, Television Development

First of all, our apologies for talking so long in sending you the attached photos, but I was in England until last week.

We just want to thank you for the great tour of your city - it was a wonderful experience that we will not forget in a hurry. We were very impressed with the architecture of the buildings and churches. Your knowledge of the history of Buenos Aires certainly made it all the more enjoyable.

We have passed on your business card to our travel agent with our recommendation of your great service.

With best regards,

Valerie & Stan Hark and Valerie Denham
British Columbia | Canada

February / 2010

Hi Pedro,

We are now back in VERY hot Arizona, and just wanted to thank you again for the tour you gave us. It was very interesting, and my son even googled Juan Peron after the tour to learn more! You are a great guide and an interesting, intelligent person. We'll recommend to you to anyone visiting BA. Many thanks!

Alona and Jacob Kost
Paradise Valley, AZ

Hey Pedro,

Just wanted to let you know that we are leaving today. Believe me when I tell you that it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and spending time with you. You are a great tour guide but more importantly a wonderful person. Thanks for everything. You were definetly one of the highlightsof our trip. Should you ever find yourself in our part of the world,please know that you have new friends in Canada who would always welcome you. All the best. Be well and thanks again.

Jordana and Marlene
Toronto, Canada

March 09

Thank you. I just sent you an email before yours actually uploaded in my iPhone. Thanks for the recommendation for the restaurant. I will transfer the photos into the computer and send to you this evening. When I am next on cruise critic I will be sure to give you a great write up.



18 December 2016

Hi Pedro

Thank you for a great day yesterday. We learned such a lot about Argentina and Buenos Aires, and we enjoyed the restful chats as much as the sightseeing.

Thanks again for your help. The tango show was also excellent.

Best wishes

London, UK

February / 2010

Dear Pedro,

We had awonderful day with you. Thank you for making our already great trip even better. At the tango show we could not have been any closer to the stage. We had a wonderful evening. Everything from our transportation to a lovely dinner and then a fantastic show just made for a great evening

The Pernicks and Stulbergs
Ms. Veendam

December 2009

Dear Pedro,

A note just to say how much we all enjoyed your tour of Buenos Aires. It was so good to listen to an informative and in depth commentary about both the history and current conditions of your city and country. Thank you for a great day. The evening also was a big success. Everything worked out very well. The food at the Happening was really excellent and the service fantastic. Your instructions regarding taxis worked well both before and after the tango show. El Querandi was fantastic and it seemed to us like a traditional tango show which local s would visit with very good and professional performers in music singing and dancing. Our friends that evening were really very impressed. I was sorry not to be able to obtain a brochure or information about El Querandi which I understand was first opened in 1922. Do they have a brochure or some form of history information? If they do would it be too much to ask for you to obtain a copy for me or ask them to send me a copy?

Sorry to ask you and I would be more than happy to reimburse the cost and postage in some way by a bank transfer or similar. Anyway irrespective of this last request thank you sincerely for making our trip to Buenos Aires so very memorable. Kind regards

We had awonderful day with you. Thank you for making our already great trip even better. At the tango show we could not have been any closer to the stage. We had a wonderful evening. Everything from our transportation to a lovely dinner and then a fantastic show just made for a great evening

John Reeve Ms. Veendam

December 2009


A quick note to say how much I enjoyed our tour of BA on Sunday morning. It was very interesting and you were very well prepared. I learned a lot about the city best wishes

David Sipson
LA California

May 09

Hi Pedro

Tom and I are now back in San Francisco and I wanted to get in touch to thank you so much for the tour you gave us in Buenos Aires. You really brought the city alive and gave us so many insights into the history of the country and the mentality of the people that we really feel we got to know it. I am so glad we got to see part of your lovely country and am already looking forward to seeing more of it. I was wondering if there's any books you would recommend that do a good job of explaining the history and culture. I would love to read more.

Kathryn Sedgwick
SF California

Hi Pedro,

We are back at home now. It's time to start looking at the photos:) I would like to thank you for all your efforts. We enjoyed the tour you gave us a lot. We referred you to a colleague of ours with his family. They said that you toured them with two boys on a weekend, right after our trip on Friday. Thank you again for giving us a tour around Buenos Aires

Yelena & Nick
Toronto, Canada

March 09