Hello and welcome. I started offering guided tours about ten years ago to visitors eager to learn about the history and culture of my home country.

In 1976 I decided to leave Argentina for Europe as a self-imposed refugee when a military junta deposed a democratically elected government.

The army was directly involved in the disappearance and torture of thousands of people in what was to be the bloodiest military dictatorship which ruled for seven years until 1983.

From 1976 to 1980 I lived and worked in Munich working as a Spanish teacher while also traveling extensively to other countries in Europe.

In 1981 I made a brief return to Buenos Aires only to leave again for Massachusetts where I worked as a radio talk show host for PBS at campus radio in UMASS until 1988.

I returned to Argentina for good in 1989 and became an ESL corporate tutor and later decided to use my language skills and traveling experience to work as a local tour guide.

Please Contact me if you have any questions regarding my home town or services and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Allianz Arena
Munich 2015